The Mapu Winemakers

The talent of Baron Philippe de Rothschild’s winemakers lies in expressing the beauty of that terroir and the grapes that grow there, combined with the deepest respect for the Nature around it. A generous terroir gives birth to an authentic and legendary wine. Mapu is a wine full of promise whose rich and surprising aromas and flavours are an invitation to sharing and enjoyment.

Emmanuel RIFFAUD

CEO Baron Philippe de Rothschild Chile
“For me, Mapu is the Maule terroir. It is a symbol of its very special soil, its climate and the feel of the place, but also of its  people, who respect the region’s finest winegrowing traditions. It’s a place where people take time to listen to Nature, where they enjoy sharing simple pleasures like the wonderful lamb barbecue asados de cordero al palo.
In a word, it conveys that Maule culture and respect for the true values of Nature, of sharing, of the land and of people.”

Emmanuel Riffaud
Gonzalo CASTRO

Gonzalo CASTRO

Technical Manager & Winemaker
“For me, Mapu is about respecting the land, biodiversity and nature. It also represents the union of a landscape with the tradition of the Maule Valley, highlighting the richness of the customs found in the Chilean countryside and the simplicity of its people.
It is a place that could rightly be described as a little piece of paradise on Chilean soil.”

Patricio ARAVENA

Winemaker Assistant
“For me, Mapu represents the strength and expression of the soil in its purest form.
Rooted in the Maule Valley, it is the perfect symbol of the Chilean countryside, of the farmer surrounded by vines, working the land with his horse. It represents humility, simplicity and the generous heart of the Chilean countryside. As do our Mapu wines.”

Patricio ARAVENA